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Food Bloggers of Canada (August 2013): Featured Member Interview (May 2013): Where to Eat in New Orleans (Summer 2013): P. 84- A Walking Tour of New Orleans

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  1. Hi!
    I\’m Shay and I\’m 21. After spending my childhood in Germany, my
    American mother drug me back to the states so I could go to university
    on a scholarship. I began saving up to go back to Europe as soon as I
    got off the plane. Then I fell in love…

    Well, he\’s American and his job guarantees that I\’ll never be able
    to go back to the country I fell in love with. Thanks to your blog the
    resentment is eased and I can live vicariously through you and other
    cultural blogs.

    I just wanted to say, \”Thank you!\”

    1. Hi Shay,

      Thank you for the inspiring comments. This is why I created a blog for fellow dreamers like myself to keep on dreaming.

  2. Brent and I enjoyed your first cooking class at E’s Kitchen. We would suggest that a smaller hands-on prior to the larger class might be held for those who are interested in paying more. This could be a win-win. You would get help in preparing the extra servings (although they may not be quite right, lol) and more folks to help serve and host later. Or maybe a smaller more expensive class on Saturday for the hands-on group of folks. It would depend on what is being prepared too. But we would have paid more to have a smaller, up close and personal group even if it weren’t hands-on. We did like how you started on time and moved through each. It was not boring and it was very informative. I guess it’s like my mama always said, “The third time is the charm. Practice, practice, practice.”

    1. Hi Tammy, Thank you so much for your message and suggestions. The class was organized by Paul Ayo, owner of E’s Kitchen. All ticket sales went to E’s Kitchen. I was volunteering. Perhaps you can send him a message as well so that next time we can organize a smaller hands on class as opposed to a larger setting. I completely agree that it will be much more intimate! It was also my first time so I will take your suggestions into consideration for next time. Please stay in touch and hope to see you at the next event!

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