Who is the Hungry Nomad? 

I am a Canadian expat and have spent the majority of the past ten years outside of Canada with occasional returns to my hometown of Vancouver.  The nomadic life began with my move to Paris, France in 2002 where I spent an incredible year on exchange at Sciences Po Paris only to go back for more food, wine and culture. Ever since I have found a reason to move around and live and travel to all parts of the world. In the past five years alone I have lived in Vancouver, New York, New Orleans, Miami, Paris, Geneva and Philadelphia. This has given me a great opportunity to explore the above cities dining scene and local culture which I have shared with my readers through this site.  I am a lawyer by profession and have found that photography and writing give me that creative outlet that I desperately sought and which a legal career unfortunately does not allow for.

Where have I been?

My travels have taken me through Europe, including a two year dream in Paris, France, one and a half years in Geneva, Switzerland and travels through Portugal, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece and Turkey.  After eating my way through Europe several times I found my way to Asia and have spent time in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. I have also travelled to my motherland, Iran- a country so rich in history and natural beauty that it leaves travelers coming back for more each and every time.

Where am I now? 

In 2009 I moved to New Orleans to join the Count.  His job has taken us through many cities in the USA. It started out in New Orleans in 2009 where the food, festivals and culture quickly cast a spell on me. In 2012 we moved to Philadelphia and were quickly smitten by the coolness of the city, the talented chefs and visual beauty and history. While in Philadelphia I got a job in New York City, the city of my dreams. I lived in Queens and worked in Manhattan and got to delve head in to the amazing food scene.  From the cool hipster bars in the LES to hole in the wall Bangladeshi gems in Queens. I would have stayed in Philadelphia and New York forever had it not been for my husband’s job which brought us back down to Louisiana to a small town called Lafayette.

More on the Hungry Nomad? 

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Thank you for reading!