Locandina (Sicily, Italy)

Italian food is an all-time favorite in my household and visiting Italy essentially involves a lot of eating, tasting, trying old and new dishes. Sicily particularly has offered me all my heart could desire in the food department. Arabic flavors mixed with well-known Mediterranean ingredients, all local produce and delicious wines.. You can’t go wrong there. Needless to say, picking out where to eat is always one of my favorite activities on the road. The next restaurant we stumbled upon by pure accident and what a lovely surprise it was.

Locandina is a true gem in the breath-taking old city of Ragusa (Ragusa Ibla). My Greek travel companion even had to admit their prize-winning olive oil was much better than Greek olive oil. That is quite a bold statement there! Munching on our bread and divine olive-oil on the terrace of this beautifully pristine restaurant, a palazzo nonetheless, we tried to decide what wine to drink from the amazing diverse wine-list, ranging in price from very reasonable to very expensive. After dinner, the waiter even gave us a little tour around the restaurant and wine cellar. There, we discovered a hidden nook for a dinner-for-two surrounded by their most precious bottles. Can it get more romantic than that? And if you’re wondering, their menu has a similar wide variety of mouth-watering options. You can opt for their straight-forward but inventive pizza’s or go for their more refined regional dishes. Great atmosphere, wide choice of high quality food & drinks plus warm and friendly service makes Locandina a winner in my book.

And to show you a bit of the beauty of the city, a few pretty views:

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An evening stroll (Sicily, Italy)

Now that the soil starts to give us this lovely spring scent and colorful flowers are starting to pop up all over, I’m starting to dream of summer evening strolls once more. For those of you who love walks as much as I do, as much as feeling the lingering heat of the day and smelling the promise of amazing restaurants you’re passing by, here a few images captured at the enchanting island of Sicily. And yes, the last picture shows an incredible teeny tiny bar hidden inside a little gateway. Anyone up for a drink?

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