1. Bob Deck

    Tony Lukes, Steves and Jims????????? Really????? These three places are raking in the dough and hardly put any meat on the damn sandwich. All Roll! They are almost as bad as the two South Philly Tourist Traps Pats and Genos.
    Sorry, but if I am going to spend my hard earned money for a Cheesesteak, I am going to Hoagies Plus at G and Tioga in Kensington. They are cheaper and really know how to make a steak sandwich. A lot more bang for your buck. See the owner Dave and tell him I sent you.

    • Tala

      Thanks for the recommendations and reading. The top 5 list was just the top five places we tried! I’ll definitely have to check out Hoagie Plus and Tioga and review it for the blog.

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