The last Cheesesteak in Philly at Joe’s Steaks + Soda Shop

Having started our year in Philadelphia with a cheesesteak, it was fitting that we end it with a cheesesteak. And not any old cheesesteak but arguably the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia. This is how I ended up at Joe’s Steaks + Soda Shop (formerly Chink’s Steaks). When former owner Sam ‘Chink’ Sherman passed away, Joe Groh took over the business yet kept the original name. Despite the reference to the original owner’s nickname, the shop’s name continued to cause controversy, resulting in the birth of Joe’s Steaks + Soda Shop in 2013.


Located at 6030 Torresdale Avenue, Joe’s Steaks + Soda Shop, serves mouthwatering, fresh and tasty cheesesteaks alongside hot dogs, burgers and hot sausage sandwiches. All this can be washed down with a wide range of specialty and traditional milkshakes, sundaes, floats, egg creams and house-made sodas.




What’s even more exciting? Table-service! That’s right, Joe’s is one of the only places I’ve had a cheesesteak where you can get full service at the counter top or at the handful of booths lining the tiny shop.


Stepping into the shop I really felt like I stepped back in time to an old staple American burger and soda shop that I have only come to know about through old Hollywood classics. They have done a great job in maintaining the original look of the restaurant, from the ceiling all the way down to the floor. Seated at the bar, I got right down to business, ordering a house-made orange soda, cheese fries and cheesesteak.  03-_DSC0497 The cheesesteak made me change my mind about cheesesteaks. While the first experience we had entering the city last year was underwhelming this one made me realize why this sandwich has become such a staple food not only in Philadelphia but arguably the rest of the continent. It was surprisingly light and not greasy. It had just the right amount of tender pieces of meat covered with provolone, onions and mushrooms. Despite having finished off the plate of fries and cheese I managed to finish my cheesesteak and have room for dessert. 04-_DSC0502 05-_DSC0505To reward myself for finishing my plate, I ordered the Orange cream milkshake topped with whipping cream and candied orange peels.

Okay. Now I get it. Now I am a cheesesteak fan. And now I see why Craig LaBan named Joe’s the best cheesesteak and that my man, Anthony Bourdain made it a point to stop at Joe’s on his recent filming of the Layover. The cheesesteaks and friendly service is deserving of the praise.
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  1. This is the only place in Philly to get a “real” cheese steak. Pat’s pretend ones with cheeze wizz are not even close. Everyone in NE Philly knows and loves Chinks (Joe;s)
    Would love to have one, but they don’t deliver to TN. 🙁

    1. Thanks for the comment. I agree. This was definitely a ‘real’ cheese steak! Very good. Pat’s did not even compare.

  2. Personally, I feel you made a few mistakes… lettuce and tomato? If you’re gonna add something to something so perfect it should be more of the same, extra meat. Real estate is at a premium in your stomach at this point and the fries are just a waste of space. They weren’t even served at the joint for over half a century. You missed a great opportunity to wash down the steak with the milkshake, there’s an unexplainable synergy there…I’ll let you slide on the choice of provolone over American, but if you had gotten wiz you wouldn’t hear the end of it!

    1. Terry- you are completely right! I am not an experienced cheese steak eater. Wish you had been there to tell me what to get and in what order. Next time I’ll follow your advice.

  3. YUM! make mine with extra onions, no mushrooms, LTM, and american cheese please. i will definitely stop by next time i am in philadelphia.