Capogiro Gelateria- Italian Market (Philadelphia, USA)

After our meal at Birra, we went for a stroll on Passyunk street. I am already drawn to this area of town given the colorful shops, restaurants and young/hip atmosphere. We spotted a Gelato shop and decided we had enough room for dessert. 
At the time, I was not aware that Capogiro Gelateria has various locations and is a local and international Gelato celebrity. 
I loved the decor and presentation. Everything was clean, sharp and beautifully presented. The shop was very homey and cozy. The gelato is not set out like other gelato shops but is hidden by lids. There are also not a large variety of flavours to choose from but what they did offer was enough. 

The shop also offers a wide range of coffees and sweets. 

And biscotti! I love biscotti. But didn’t get a chance to try on this trip. 

The flavors are written on a chalkboard. I ordered the Nocciola and Pistachio while the Count ordered the Dark Chocolate and Grapefruit.  Capogiro uses local hand picked produce and milk from grass fed, hormone free cows. You can really taste the difference and quality in each spoonful.  I was not expecting such an explosion of flavours in my mouth. I’ve had a lot of gelato in my time. And a good amount of that in Italy from Milan, Venice, Florence, Naples and Amalfi coast and I can confidently say that this was one of the best I have ever had. Definitely the best I have had in America. 

The flavours were so strong and the gelato was so creamy. I have never taste gelato this good. No wonder it was picked as the best gelato ‘in the world’.  This is definitely a new favorite. I have yet to try the other locations but I definitely love the space, decor and flavors offered at this location. 

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